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In one called "earthquake" in the disco, a girl playing the song played well listen, every time I hear her wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping DJing I will feel wholesale nfl jerseys nike the explosion again and again, and constantly rising to a higher place, and ultimately as no trace of smoke dispersed. One time I asked her, I said what's your name, she looked up at me with eyes blurred, I called Athena, I saw a beautiful boy, and he would like to kiss. Then she will head leaned over and started kissing me. When her tongue touch my teeth when I suddenly pushed her, and she looked at me and laugh, laugh and say how you have a girlfriend or not kissed the little virgin ah? I rushed into the bathroom staggered start vomiting, drink more, my stomach has been burning pain. I spit again and again, while spit crying, because I want to Lan Xiao, I do not know that she did not sleep now, there is no waiting for my phone. Wash your face with cold water, but still could not stop the tears, the water flow down my face down, the more I cried the more sad. I find the 2B pencil and paper bag from the old, and I'm going to write a letter Xiao Lan. When the pencil across the top of the white, I suddenly remembered that face white wall of the school, I think it must be very lonely, because for a long time no one went to see it. "Xiao Lan, I'm fine, do not worry I am these days are singing karaoke OK, they said I could sing well and I began to see I like to sing some of the songs, very old song. Every sing I have good memories of the time like maybe young people are not willing to recall any case, like the memories of people who are already old, too old to have to rely on memories to cherish the memory of something, to pay homage to something, bury something. "C nasty they sing well, but there are good times to listen to them sing, I cried. Tears fell into the glass where I did not tell them I do not know watching the lights dim, fuzzy pictures, listening to the song clumsy, I how suddenly was impressed, sad suddenly swarmed to the invisible light from the depths of his throat where blocking was I'm so sorry. "Sometimes we go to the movies these days, I saw three" TRAINSPOTTING ", Trainspotting, sometimes I feel as if those kids inside, very helpless and very panic, I forget their names, but Remember their faces, they do not have the young grow old quickly, and they stood on the young and the aging of the river community looked for a long time to stop, he was never sentimental Huichangdangqi too. "These days you have been? Very worried about, I hope you're happy and you get the admission notice of Peking University yet?, I heard them say very nice Peking notice." After he was finished, I found a voice cry out, I have never heard the cries grew up after themselves what it was like, I did not expect such a raucous ugly. Someone outside toilets have been urging me to open the door, I looked up and croaked loudly scolded: Go away! Chapter III Xiao Lan January 2002 when the days become old photos when old photographs wholesale nfl jerseys nike paypal become memories, we became back to back passerby walking along different directions, one step away from stubbornly not Athens, Rome, no, no way back. I do not know all of the love story, there will be a tipping point, a moment, a day, a small feel that gold had been up all disappear, saving the child suddenly started to cry. Do not know when, one day of school began, a man quietly stayed in the library the day began, a person watching the leaves slowly fall day began, a man riding a bicycle day began at midnight lonely days started doing papers, I hear my lonely life engageable with the sound, visible gear, cracking cracking crumbs. I can see Qiming standing under a tree behind me, looking at me, I have set out with the bike all day and now people are afraid of not even approached me. Sometimes when I looked up, I was thinking, this is not a joke? In this winter comes Qiming home has undergone major changes, major changes is actually called her parents divorced, it seems to be raining as normal in what is now China. But perhaps it is like an earthquake, like the Qiming. Those who built his ideal of building and bridge suddenly collapsed out on the dust four, everywhere creating bruise. Then he, like all children of single-parent families, began to indulge their youth, squandered their lives. He became a man I did not know, long hair, wryly aloof, had a bright smile that had become increasingly blurred increasingly dim inside my head, I do not know if I would not like "Metade Fumaca "in Eric, even though hard to want to remember that smile, has been working hard every day, but finally one day, or forgotten. I started playing football when you see Qiming angry expression on his teammates, occasionally forced to kick the ball out. I began to see Qiming school with some punks who together, facing the beautiful girl passing by whistling. I once walked quietly from beside them, and those who whistle for me, I'm sad to see Qiming among them, head wholesale nfl jerseys nike china down, do not speak. I began to see Qiming sleeping lying on the table with impunity in the classroom and see the teacher shook his head in disappointment continued lecturing. And I always head down to seriously write my notes, full to several pages. Even before I started twenty Qiming not find the name of the class in the top ten. I started to write a lot of words on a white wall, a variety of words, I hope he can see. But the wall to the right of it for a long time no one to write it. In the monologue as if I am a man, but I do not know if I have the ability to stand in the end, stand to turn back time, time from re-fern as a stream flowing, Qiming smiled at me, as the year that summer.

Wholesale 2014 New NFL jerseys Nike Cheap Free Shipping

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Wholesale 2014 New NFL jerseys Nike Cheap Free Shipping

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