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Empowering Tips


keep-calm-and-be-empoweredRecently, I’ve faced situations where I’ve questioned whether who I am is good enough for what I desire in life. Am I pretty enough for that man? Am I smart enough for that job? Am I as successful as I could be?

Everyone faces these moments of hesitation, those dark and not so fun days where it feels difficult to move forward. My way of digging myself out of this type of hole as always been to write down my thoughts and then empower myself to be more. I contradict those questions of self doubt, knowing that in the end, I am the cheerleader of my life. Only I can empower myself. After these last few weeks, I feel at a better place now and wanted to share some tips on how I empower myself.

1. Truly know who you are

The best way to beat doubt is to write down or vocalize all of your best qualities. I write down a list of what I’m most proud of and all of my greatest strengths. It is so easy for others to put you down, especially when they don’t truly know who you are, they simply pull out negative things because it’s easy to do so. It takes strength and great will power to push the naysayers away and empower yourself by stating, “I am me and I am fantastic.”

2. Decide on your accomplishments

I like to focus on how I can be better by imagining my ideal future and then setting goals to reach that future. I call them accomplishments because after I’ve assessed who I am, I know there is nothing that I can’t accomplish with hard work and perseverance. You’ll find it much easier to reach these accomplishments when you’re feeling invigorated and empowered.

3. Go for it

After so much thought, immediately stop thinking. Don’t over think, just go for it. Before the self-doubt crawls back into your mind, go after what you want and you’ll find when you believe in yourself, amazing things just happen.

Whenever, I’m in need of a push and a reason to be empowered, I follow these steps and I usually find that each time I’m led down a different path and on another interesting adventure. Life can be crazy, but if you stay empowered and believe in yourself, things tend to go just that much smoother.

Anthea Liu, WE Blogger

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